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Wellness-Focused Events & Experiences for Multifamily

Gain a Competitive Edge Over Other Properties

We are raising the bar on amenities, creating a community that thrives on connection, adding value to your property, maximizing retention rates and giving residents a holistic wellness experience.

Our Clients

Benefits for Management / Properties

Elevate your apartment amenities with Kota Wellness Solutions

Group Zumba Workout
  • Create a positive property reputation.

  • Increase investment property value.

Workout Together
  • Differentiate from other properties.

  • Enhance the resident experience.

Group Lecture
  • Maximize retention rates.

  • Build a connected community.

Babies and Yoga
  • Attract new tenants.

  • Reduce stress.

Group Stretching

We know how busy you are …

that’s why we bring wellness to your building or community.

Who We Serve

Property managers in multifamily and office tenant communities. Establishing wellness culture where residents can engage and thrive.

What We Do

Your Home For Whole-Person Care

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Multifamily, Commercial and Residential

Kota’s fitness and wellness classes are customized specifically for your residents and your demographic. Inspire strong resident retention with one-of-a-kind experiences.

Sitting Meditation
Wellness Activities & Events

Our social wellness-focused activities foster a strong sense of community. Examples include, social clubs.


Kota only uses certified fitness instructors to support you on your wellness journey. Improve the connection to your mind and body and enjoy fun and challenging workouts where it’s most convenient for you — at your office or business building.

Sitting Meditation
Nutrition Consulting

Our wellness experts help you create policies and strategies for improving overall wellness, environment, and culture (i.e. office snack consult or ergonomic efficacy assessment).

Every body is different. Find in-home nutritional counseling. Our registered dietitians will coach you every step of the way

Sitting Meditation
Wellness Concierge

Introducing Kota ONE. Your on-demand concierge for all things wellness. We know you are busy, let Kota ONE bring our best services to your home, office or community space. From personal training, to yoga and botox, explore the services we offer.

Sitting Meditation

We create a web portal with information on the wellness program that provides access to resources, an events calendar, and signups for fitness classes and events. We also provide wellness goals (i.e. weekly ‘Meditation Monday’ email with 5-minute guided meditation or weekly healthy recipes email).

No upcoming events at the moment

Customization is paramount.

Our program offers individually tailored activities and unique resident experiences for your community. Result? Faster lease-ups and stronger resident retention and attraction.

Want to save your residents thousands on gym memberships?

Contact us and let's see what we can do! 

Need help getting back to a consistent workout routine? 

By understanding what the renter demographic really wants, multifamily developers, investors, and builders can stay ahead of the curve and improve tenant attraction and retention.

Female hiker stretching leg

Wellness-focused Amenities for Multifamily Communities, How is Kota different?

Kota is raising the bar on wellness amenities, creating a community that thrives on connection, adding value to your property, maximizing retention rates and giving residents an overall “experience”.

Get Started with Kota

Limited space at your property?
No problem!
We have a solution

Ready to create community at your property?

Let’s talk. Not sure where to start on Nutrition these days? 


Looking for resident activities this summer that give your property an advantage over competitors?

As a property manager, is one of your goals to rebuild your community's involvement this summer?


We stand out above the competition by partnering with our clients to determine the needs of the property based on their budget and demographic. Once we customize services that best suit the needs of the property manager and residents, we implement a wellness/fitness culture that is seamless and allows for customizing until desired results are reached. 


We work with property management companies and owners to ensure the safety of their residents, reduce liability on property, and add value by activating amenity spaces.

Hours of Operation
Open Daily 8am – 9pm

Contact Us

500 Terry Francine Street

San Francisco, CA 94158

Tel: 123-456-7890

Our Offering

Allow Kota Wellness to craft the perfect wellness solution for your multifamily property, community or business!

Core Fitness
Group Fitness 

We take pride in our successful group fitness classes and ensure the highest quality instruction. Our class offerings are endless, but some of our most popular include: Meditation & Yoga, Adrenaline, Shredded, and Boxing Bootcamps

Lifting Kettlebells

Dive in to find your inner athlete. A combination of cardiovascular and muscle conditioning drills using water resistance, this class challenges your total fitness while giving your workout a refreshing twist.

Pilates Work Out

Whip your entire physique into shape with a challenging, yet lowimpact strength workout fueled by high-energy music, light weights, and plenty of motivation. Pilates fused together with barre movements creates a perfect combination. 50-min.  Wellness Studio, Bldg. 2, Phase II

Wellness, Your Way